Monday, October 1, 2018

Week October 1

Magnificent Musician: Aretha Franklin
Moving Musical Genre:  Soul
Magical Musical Concept: Treble Clef (Space Notes)
Musical Instrument: Keyboards
Special Projects:  NONE  

Preschool - Kindergarten
Music and Movement Course: Good Morning, Days of the Week, Dinosaur Dancing, Halloween Parade and Mack Chicken Dance Medley
Treble Clef Space Notes - FACE

1st - 2nd Grade 
Halloween Fun Songs 
Music and Movement Course: Piggy Bank and Aerobics A-Z
Treble Clef Space Notes - FACE

3rd - 4th Grade 
Continue Music Unit 1
Chinese Song - Sailing Boats
Halloween Fun Songs 
Treble Clef Space Notes - FACE

5th - 6th Grade 
Group Practice 5th and 6th Grade Classes

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